The Website

Welcome to Robert Alexander Photography, where you can purchase my images in the form of prints, canvas wraps, and other fine art products. Whether you are here to browse or to purchase prints I hope you enjoy the images I currently have, and be sure to check the site out again as I update with new galleries after every photographic trip, which occur more often every year.


Who Am I

I'm a Tanzanian grown wildlife photographer of Italian and Dutch stock, currently living in the Netherlands. While I was interested in photography from a very early age I only began treating it as a profession in late 2009. Challenging myself by the quality and creativity of the images I took was and is an incredibly rewarding experience.


Photographic Inclinations

I tend to prefer showing color in the images I take, however there are exeptions where I feel black and white photography better communicates what the image represents to me. My style varies depending on the subject and weather, however I generally tend to focus on the character of the animal and accentuate these characteristics through composition. I want to communicate presence and this defines my style. Probably my greatest inspiration continues to be National Geographic. The extent to which their dedicated team of photographers go to obtain one moment in time never fails to act as an example.


My Online Activity

I have recently begun blogging about my experiences and trips, as well as the creative process I go through when in the field and after. I also write guest articles on other larger photography centred sites. I have an active facebook page (Robert Alexander Wildlife Photography) and more recently one on twitter as @RAlexanderWild.


My Gear

My current gear consists of one Nikon D810 body, with a 14-24mm f/2.8 , a 150-600mm f/5-6.3 and a carry around lens of 24-120mm f/4


Other Photography Related Kerfuffle

With regards to zoom v.s prime and multiple bodies in the field I have found that when one is face deep in dirt trying to approach one's subject the less gear the better. Zoom lenses today are better than ever and I feel that they come close enough to the quality of prime lenses to justify the slight loss in image quality (to no effect on the end product) for large gains in versatility.

Images are processed in Lightroom, with little to no Photoshop, my images are meant to portray the natural environment and the intended composition as closely as possible.